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My name is Laura and my Partner is Richard, but most of you will know him as ‘Chinny’.

On 5th of June 2020 our world fell apart as we lost our gorgeous son Jude at just 3 and a half years old.

On the 3rd of June, Jude woke up as the happy, healthy, smiley little boy, that he was widely known as. That evening Jude complained of a tummy ache and the following morning, he was rushed to Musgrove Park Hospital after a night of sickness. After finding out that part of his bowel had died off he was immediately rushed into theatre for emergency surgery.

A team from Bristol Children’s Hospital were ready and waiting for Jude to come out of surgery and rushed him up to their intensive care unit where he spent the next 24 hours, fighting for his life. Our world was tipped upside down as he sadly slipped away from us just 24 hours later. Leaving behind his 2 loving Brothers, ourselves and countless friends and family who loved him dearly.

Our time at Bristol Children’s Hospital was, in comparison to others’ a very short one. However in that short time, we were blown away by the care and compassion both Jude and ourselves received and we had complete admiration for every single member of staff.

Upon leaving the unit without our boy, we thanked the staff for all they had done and Chinny’s words to Jude’s Consultant were

‘We can’t thank you enough, We promise to raise you a s*** load of money’.

and that's exactly what we are going to do with Jogle for Jude.

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