The Jogle cycle ride is the grand daddy of all cycling challenges in the UK, starting at John o'Groats in northern Scotland - (very close to the most northerly point of mainland Britain) and ending at Lands End in Cornwall (the extreme southwestward point in mainland Britain)

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We have an amazing team to support us on our journey from team cyclists to the amazing support crew, here are a few of the faces

Laura Jones


Richard Chinn


Beth Chinn


Steve Jones


Mark Jones


Paul Marlborough


Alistair Stubbs


Andrew Gill


Duncan Stone


Ed Bamford


Ed Crawley


Fred Cook


Ian Giles


Johnny Luckin


Mark Lee


Adam MacDonald


Dan burden


Lydia read


Gary Bennett


Jason Yeoman


The shortest Jogle route possible by bike - avoiding motorways - is around 900 miles, whilst avoiding major roads brings this up to over 950 miles. Once you factor in any detours or deviations, such as to your accommodation each night or to avoid the worst hills, then most people ending up riding around 1000 miles on their challenge.

There is no "official" path and people take all sorts of routes.


Laura Jones 07557552388 or

Richard Chinn 07712106864


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